The notion of being other...

The notion of being other, of being alien, is one that resonates with designer Benn Ellis and motivated them to create their label, Alien.Eleven. Inspired by the Bay Area’s culture of inclusivity and activism, Alien.Eleven is a socially and environmentally conscious endeavour that won’t compromise high fashion. 

Alien.Eleven is an outpouring of Ellis' life experiences.

Their 10-year practice as an exhibiting artist feeds the exploration of other artists and the output of original textiles.  His stints as a dancer, physical trainer, yoga instructor and competitive diver are why he understands movement and creates clothing that facilitates it.  Their life outside of the U.S. resulted in exposure to a melting pot of different ethnicities, culture, social classes and viewpoints.

The support of the Bay Area queer community is why A11’s clothes are not dictated by gender binaries.  The devastating impact of climate change on Ellis’ home state of Alaska is why the label is rooted in sustainability.


Alien.Eleven seeks to create an inclusive and empowering community.


Environmental changes breed social changes...

Ellis has seen drastic changes to fauna, air quality and seasons firsthand. Grass growing in winter, terrain ravaged by forest fires, and an influx of new wildlife demonstrate the need for urgent action.

The environmental displacement of Alaska's Northern villages to the city of Anchorage is exacerbating endemic racism and social inequality. Ellis' commitment to sustainability is rooted in their mission to be a part of the solution.

Environmental changes breed social ones, and A11's commitment to sustainability is rooted in our mission to be a part of the solution.

All of Alien.Eleven's collections incorporate repurposed materials, deadstock fabrics and eco-friendly textiles.

We believe in radical transparency, paying workers a livable wage, and finding new ways to exist as an ethical, design-driven fashion brand.

LC & Lillie Cox Haven of the Hope

Thanks to our partnership with L.C. & Lillie Cox Have of Hope, we are the first fiscally-sponsored fashion label. This means that your tax-deductible contributions allow us to act in accordance with our mission, vs. making financial profits at the community expense.